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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Book Events, More Book Sales

While ironing out quirky details with the Cravings, Ravings & Misbehavings audio book recording, we are organizing additional book signing events in California.

Also, for those of you who are determined to 1) stay in a zombie-like state of awe of current literary, music and film celebrity, and 2) refuse to buy CRM in order to ensure that it "fails" and therefore reinforces your faulty logic and twisted self-image...

We sold more books last week, to people we don't know. And everyone who has read the book -- male and female, young and old, republican and democrat, religious and agnostic -- loves it. Can't effing put it down.

The definition of success has nothing to do with being born into wealth and privilege but has everything to do with setting out to do a specific task or project and bringing it to fruition.


Sharine said...

And I am NOT surprised that no one has commented on this posting!

In fact, I would probably plan a f**king PARTY and celebrate like a banshee if any of my so-called friends, former so-called friends, other creative people in my life - or any human being, for that matter - would bother to give me one nanosecond of their very busy lives.

Because I know you are all SUDDENLY TOO BUSY with your own creative projects and families and tweets and Facebook walls and watching American Idle to acknowledge me.

I smile, sip from my glass of red wine, hug my kitties, kiss my husband, and get back to business and play.

The Author.

Sharine said...

Okay, a few of you have actually tried to email me or call me. YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE are obviously not the subject of my diatribe ; )